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 Annual Under $100 Art Show

The Edmonton & Vancouver applications are now closed.
You can apply for the Calgary show from Aug 15-Sept 15 2024.

For other artist opportunities, please visit

Some things to note before applying..


After many years of having more than double the applicants than we had room for, we have now extended our Calgary show for two weekends, with two different groups of artists! Although this has allowed us to accept many more artists, there is still usually more applicants than we have room for.  We encourage artists to apply again even if they were not successful, since we try to favour artists who have applied previously whenever we can. We also encourage artists to get involved in other ART SPOT events throughout the year so that we can familiarize ourselves with you and your work. Thank you for taking the chance to apply and best of luck!


Tips for strengthening your application 


Photos Matter- They do not have to be professional photos, but please display your completed pieces in a well lit room, with a plain background. The use of a prop like a plant helps us see the size of the artwork.

Social media/ website- 

Although it is not necessary to have a website or social page, it does help us understand your brand, and see more examples of your work. 


Be unique-

We aim to accept a range of artists with diverse styles and mediums and have to limit certain categories.  (for example we take x amount of fluid artists, x amount of traditional style landscape artists, x amount of animal focused artists, x amount of photographers, and the list goes on..) Therefor, having a unique style/ collection will increase your chances since you will not be competing in your category.


Come prepared-

If you only have a few pieces and want to sell mainly prints, this will deter your chances. An artist who has many large originals will add to the overall success of the show, so their application will be favoured over someone who does not have that much art to bring. 

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